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Very interesting game, the mechanic while having been explored before by others, has been pushed to the max here, and done probably the best out of all of them. There were some things that got on my nerves, particularly things like the character going too far whenever I just tap going forward in the air, but other than that it was very fun. A journey that, while probably being short for the better, left me wanting more. 8/10.

This is a great game. Puzzles with wind were an interesting challenge for me. I am fascinated by this atmosphere and level design. This game deserves more publicity, it is very underrated.

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Found out about this game recently, and I absolutely adore it. The core mechanic is unique and fun, the puzzles are clever, and the character design is adorable and memorable.

The game ends before it overstays its welcome, which is good, but at the same time it left me wanting more! Fantastic job to all of you.

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Wonderful game! Concept was pushed very well, the soundtrack and sound design were wonderful and I love the character art! It gave me a similar feeling to exploring some of the better Zelda dungeons.


had a lot of fun with this game, great use of a single mechanic!

much love to the team behind this!


Surprised more people havent seen this one.